Condominium Insurance Solutions
Program Highlights

Building Limits

Buildings must be insured to their full replacement cost in accordance with the Ontario Condominium Act. In order for a building valuation/appraisal to be accepted, it must be conductged by an accredited independent valuation/appraisal company.

No Co-Insurance

Buildings not insured to their full replacement cost may suffer a co-insurance penalty (see: glossary for definition). Our Program provides coverage with no co-insurance clause*.
*building must be appraised within 90 days from inception

No General Aggregate Under Liability Coverage

Our Program provides Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage with no General Aggregate limit. Policies that have a general aggregate limit restrict the amount that can be claimed in any one policy period. This could be a very serious restriction to your coverage that we urge you to guard against.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Our Program provides coverage for the personal liability of the Directors & Officers up to the declared policy limit. Our Program also extends coverage to the Property Manager.

Additionally, our Program wordings will extend to defense costs that indemnifies the Directors & Officers in excess of the policy limit.

Furthermore, our Program wordings provide Human Rights legal defense coverage included up to the D&O policy limit with No Deductible. Coverage applies whether or not the allegations have merit.


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